Unlocking New Targets to Transform the Treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases

Our name reflects our approach, built and refined over the past 3 years; harnessing the body’s endogenous cellular processes controlling protein synthesis to achieve controlled increases in protein levels in the safest possible manner. 

Our sole focus on RNA-targeted upregulation for neurodegenerative diseases reflects the significant number of validated yet unprosecuted targets in this space requiring physiological upregulation for disease treatment where few, if any, disease-modifying therapies are available. 

Our deep expertise in RNA biology/bioinformatics, upregulation analytics and neuroscience translation, together with our multi-modal approach, which allows us to select the best upregulation strategy for each target, uniquely positions us to execute on our mission to develop truly disease-modifying therapies that have the potential to transform the lives of neurodegenerative disease patients.


28th November 2023

Harness Therapeutics secures additional £4 million funding to pursue physiological upregulation approach to treat neurodegenerative diseases

Cambridge, UK, 28th November 2023: Harness Therapeutics ('Harness', previously Transine Therapeutics), a biotechnology company focused on physiological protein upregulation to develop next generation therapeutics for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, announces that it has successfully raised an additional £4 million in funding from its existing investors, bringing the total invested to £17.6 million.

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You can follow our continued journey here - stay tuned for further news on the development of our portfolio in the coming weeks and months!