Multiple upregulation modalities accessible with ASOs and other RNA-targeted technologies

Our target-focussed post-transcriptional approach allows us to identify the best upregulation strategy for each target, and our biology-led target characterisation enables hot-spot identification for multiple upregulation approaches.

Success in upregulation demands unique capabilities

Our integrated specialised capability in RNA biology, upregulation analytics and neuro cell models is our key differentiator. Our approach to target characterisation enables multiple upregulation strategies to be designed per target with multiple shots on goal; and the bespoke analytics we are developing ensures precision, normalisation and rapid screening with a low rate of false positives. Our laser focus on neuro cell biology and functional models underpins the translatability of our programmes. Harness occupies a unique position as the only upregulation company focussed on neurodegeneration, so please contact us for further information.

Our vision

Building the leading platform for physiological upregulation of neurodegenerative disease targets to enable truly disease-modifying therapies.

Our programmes

Preventing the progression of Huntington’s Disease

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